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Mobile Development

31% of mobile phone users say they mainly use their phone to surf the Internet, and more their desktop or laptop

In 2013, there were more than 100 billion downloaded mobile apps. The number of mobile users is exploding. It is therefore urgent for every company that wants to be modern and ambitious to offer its customers and prospects a unique mobile experience.

To support its customers and partners in this new era of mobile everything, Novazen specialized in advanced technologies in the field.

Thus several offers are available for our customers both locally and offshore.

Mobile Web App (HTML 5 Apps)

Thanks to HTML5 and modern javascript frameworks such as AngularJS, Twitter bootsrap we produce for you web applications that adapt perfectly to mobile devices (Smarphones and tablets)

Mobile Hybrid Application

You want to develop a mobile application that works on the main platforms of the market that are Android, IOS, Tizen, Firefox mobile … so this option will certainly suit you.

Thanks to the powerful PhoneGap framework, we will be able to develop an efficient mobile application for you in record time.

Native Mobile Application

If your mobile project needs to use advanced features and requires extremely fast response times, then it becomes necessary to develop a different application for each type of mobile device. So we will develop Xcode for IOS (Iphone and Ipad) or Anroid for Android phones.

Depending on your project, whether it is offshore or direct subcontracting, we will guide you to the most suitable solution.

Creating a Cordova / Phonegap 3.x Project under Windows


Cordova originally called Phonegap is a powerful framework for developing cross-platform hybrid mobile applications (Android, IOS, Windows Phone …). In Novazen, we often use it for both offsore developments and for local businesses.

This tutorial is the first in a series where we will see how to create an effective and efficient mobile application with PhoneGap. In this first step we will see how to create a Phonegap project under windows.

Installing NodeJS on Windows

NodeJs is a very popular platform for developing server and console applications with Javascript. It was built on top of Google’s Javascript V8 engine. To know more about NodeJs, you can consult this article from

The Cordova development team chose NodeJs to manage project creation and dependency management between plugins. So she created a console-based interface for creating apps. It is this interface that we will use in this tutorial and in those that will follow.

To install NodeJs, go to and click on the installed link (see figure below) to download the setup. At the end of the download, double click on the setup and let yourself be guided.

Creating the project

Once NodeJs is available on our system, we have to install all the Cordova utilities needed to create our project. To do it just run the windows command prompt and type the following command

 & gt; npm install -g cordova

 npm (NodeJs packet manager) being the package manager for NodeJS. 

Among the utilities provided we have the commands below

> cordova create // create a new project
> cordova platform add // allows to add a platform (android, ios ...
> cordova build // Allows to compile the project
> cordova emulate // allows to launch our project in an emulator

Creating the project becomes child's play. Simply position yourself from the console in the folder that will contain our project and enter the command below

> cordova create net.novazen.monprojet MonProjet

After creating this folder the tree of our project will look like below:

|-- merges
|-- package.json
|-- platforms
|-- plugins
`-- www
    |-- config.xml
    |-- css
    |   `-- index.css
    |-- img
    |   `-- cordova.png
    |-- index.html
    |-- js
    |   `-- index.js
    |-- res
    |   |-- icon
    |   |   |-- cordova_128.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_16.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_24.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_256.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_32.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_48.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_512.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_64.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_android_36.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_android_48.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_android_72.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_android_96.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_bb_80.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_ios_114.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_ios_144.png
    |   |   |-- cordova_ios_57.png
    |   |   `-- cordova_ios_72.png
    |   `-- screen
    |       |-- android_hdpi_landscape.png
    |       |-- android_hdpi_portrait.png
    |       |-- android_ldpi_landscape.png
    |       |-- android_ldpi_portrait.png
    |       |-- android_mdpi_landscape.png
    |       |-- android_mdpi_portrait.png
    |       |-- android_xhdpi_landscape.png
    |       |-- android_xhdpi_portrait.png
    |       |-- blackberry_transparent_300.png
    |       |-- blackberry_transparent_400.png
    |       |-- ipad_landscape.png
    |       |-- ipad_portrait.png
    |       |-- ipad_retina_landscape.png
    |       |-- ipad_retina_portrait.png
    |       |-- iphone_landscape.png
    |       |-- iphone_portrait.png
    |       |-- iphone_retina_landscape.png
    |       |-- iphone_retina_portrait.png
    |       `-- windows_phone_portrait.jpg
    |-- spec
    |   |-- helper.js
    |   |-- index.js
    |   `-- lib
    |       `-- jasmine-1.2.0
    |           |-- MIT.LICENSE
    |           |-- jasmine-html.js
    |           |-- jasmine.css
    |           `-- jasmine.js
    `-- spec.html

  1. " www ", contains the template for a standard PhoneGap project.
  2. " plugins " will contain the different plugins that we can install.
  3. " platforms " will receive the elements for each platform that we want to add later.
  4. " merges " contains the code specific to each platform that will be exploited according to the target platform during compilation.


You have just created your first Cordova project. We will see later how to use the following commands to add a platform and compile your project.


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