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Creation of websites Vitrines

A well-done website is the best showcase for presenting the originality of your business.

Whatever your field of activity or that of your client, a showcase website is the first step of a web communication.

The role of a site showcase still called Institutional site is to present in a simple and effective way your company, your mission, your services and products on Internet. In this sense, it is your gateway for Internet users and should reflect the quality and originality of your business.

Six steps to ensure the success of your web project

Depending on the chosen solution we generally proceed in several steps:

  1. Reading and analysis of the specifications
  2. Creating a graphic model according to your tastes and requirements
  3. Installing and configuring the base according to the chosen technical solution
  4. Cutting, html / css integration and theme creation from the validated model
  5. Develop plugins and custom modules for non-native features
  6. Optimizing the response time and securing the website

Our technologies in this area

Our engineers or consultants are perfectly equipped on the main technical solutions of the market that are:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Ez-publish
  • Liferay

Whether in offshore mode (outsourcing, outsourcing) or direct mode, our engineers and consultants always give the best of themselves for a quality result, on schedule and at the best price.

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